What my clients had to say

I recently had cause to visit my local A+E Department with what was subsequently diagnosed as "an extreme flare up of the Arthritis in my right knee" which had rendered me very debilitated and was very swollen and painful. Theresa suggested a course of Reflexology could help alleviate the symptoms. I am very happy to say that after the first session the swelling had greatly reduced and the pain lessened considerably, after the second course the swelling completely disappeared. I would readily recommend Theresa and her Reflexology to anyone.

Dave.C - Chadderton

I had difficulty sleeping and other related symptoms. After a few sessions with Theresa I started to see and feel an improvement. This increased each week with definite benefits to the quality of my life. Theresa offers a relaxing environment and has a friendly professional approach to her reflexology sessions.  I leave feeling relaxed and stress free and the feeling last beyond the session for many days. Her knowledge and individual tailor-made sessions have impressed me, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to try an alternative approach.”  

Caroline.M - Chadderton

I originally contacted Theresa to enquire about reflexology and the benefits of the treatment, I explained I had endometriosis and as a result suffered from chronic pain.
After experiencing my initial treatment, I automatically saw improvements in my sleeping pattern and reduction of pain. I continued with regular treatment and have on a whole seen a big improvement in some of my symptoms caused by endometriosis, particularly the pain management.

I would recommend Theresa services; she is professional and provides an excellent treatment.   

Hannah.Q - Denshaw

I volunteered to be a guinea pig while Theresa was training as i was struggling to sleep due to painful hips and I also have Crohn's disease. I had heard of reflexology before but had no idea what it was, how it worked or what the benefits were. With no expectation of it making any difference I offered her my feet to practise on and was amazed to find after several treatments that my symptoms had improved and I was sleeping much better. Several months later I had further treatment to help with back pain. I am so grateful for her expertise as she made a real difference to speed up the recovery so that I could get back to normal. I have no hesitation in recommending Theresa, she's confident and very capable.

Patricia Beddow - Moston

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 4 years ago and have been having reflexology treatments by Theresa which has really helped with my pain, anxiety and general wellbeing.

Recently Theresa has treated me with 8 sessions of limbic reflexology, the improvement in my condition has been remarkable. I can now walk without difficulty and the pain in my back and hips has almost gone.

There have been really big improvement’s in my anxiety level’s, general wellbeing, sleep and fibro fog, I’ve attended social occasions and had no problems, life has become enjoyable again.  

Gail Byrne - Grasscroft

I have been having reflexology with Theresa for 3 months now, I started to have reflexology as I suffer from Inner Ear Nerve Damage and even though I am on tablets the pain always used to flare up every couple of weeks. Since having reflexology my ear pain has stabilised and I have had no flare ups which is so fantastic for me, it has also helped with my hot flushes, and is a very relaxing and enjoyable hour spent. Theresa is a lovely person and really listens to what you want to get out of the reflexology sessions, I would really recommend this to anyone. Over the last 8 years I have tried many different tablets to sort my ear pain out and none have worked in clearing it, that is why I decided to try reflexology and am extremely happy with the results. I would recommend this to anyone.  Janine - Chadderton

I've had Guillain Barre Syndrome since 2009 and at one point was totally paralysed with no feeling or use throughout my body. After 7 years I still had poor feeling and sensation in my hands and feet and swelling in my hands which further affected their movement.  I seemed to be at a plateau.

After just a few sessions from Theresa Thompson Reflexology, feeling and sensation in my limbs, arms and feet have improved and the swelling has reduced in my hands making them more flexible. I can now feel heat and cold better. It seems to wake up my skin on my arms too, and this is not just in the session, but it carries over.

An extra bonus is that it is so relaxing and leaves me calmer and reduces my stress levels.

Thankyou Theresa for making a difference in my recovery, it is very much appreciated.

Anthony Harker - Moston

I had numbness and pins and needles in my hands associated with Carpel Tunnel syndrome and a course of hand reflexology treatments brought about a big improvement. I probably viewed reflexology as I would at one time have viewed acupuncture i.e. that it's all in the mind, but the difference it made to me leaves me absolutely converted. Theresa just gets on with getting you better.

John Beddows - Moston

Theresa is a highly trained and competent reflexologist. Although each treatment is tailored to suit her client, Theresa has a lovely firm, but relaxing pressure and you really feel as if you have received a thorough and effective treatment. I can recommend Theresa to anyone wanting to experience an excellent reflexology treatment.

Allison Walker FMAR, PRM, ART (Reg’d).