Palliative Care

Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional medical treatment and some of the benefits are now widely recognised.


Reflexology can also help reduce the side-effects of cancer treatment and help you sleep better. It can also help relieve anxiety, support your emotional wellbeing and help improve quality of life.

Client experience:


"After my mum was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer, I had read that non-invasive complementary therapies such as reflexology could be a benefit as part of palliative care. After reading Theresa’s website I contacted her to see if she could visit my mum at home. Theresa adapted her weekly sessions to suit my mum’s needs and her therapeutic calming touch relaxed my mum and helped her sleep. My mum looked forward to Theresa’s visit each week, her professionalism and caring nature really helped at a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Theresa"

( J.Dixon )


During the Pandemic this year and due to not being allowed to practice Reflexology for some time, I joined Dr Kershaws Hospice in Royton, where I now pick up casual work as a Health care assistant. Helping on the ward and with the care in the community team, I feel, has helped me gain more experience working with cancer patients and their families.