Limbic Reflexology

The primary role of the limbic brain is to detect and protect us from danger, it is involved in both pleasure and pain and supports many functions such as behaviour, motivation, emotion, and long-term memory. It monitors our environment and initiates our responses. It is part of our survival network that strives to maintain a state of homeostasis.

Research shows that parts of the limbic brain can become dysfunctional in certain conditions. For example, in depression it is thought that there is atrophy of the Hippocampus, and this affects learning and memory, and, in anxiety and some chronic pain conditions, networks can become overactive.


Limbic Reflexology is concerned with the limbic brain networks. These networks monitor what's happening both within our body, and what's going on around us. In response to the constant state of change in those environments, these networks are concerned with regulatory processes aimed at maintaining an optimal balance or homeostasis.

The limbic brain generates our range of emotional and physiological responses, determines our experience of pain, is involved in learning and memory, and motivates our behavioural responses.

Limbic Reflexology is not a stand-alone treatment, it will be incorporated into your Reflexology treatment. Expect a lot of work on the big toes as this is where the limbic reflexes are found.

A minimum of 6 to 8 treatments is advisable, and the closer they are together, the better.


Limbic Reflexology was developed by Hamish Edgar who has spent most of his life working in the field of Mental Health.  However, it was back in 2011 when working as a Reflexologist that Hamish discovered his first limbic brain reflex on the big toe and that is when this journey began and developing Limbic Reflexology has dominated his life ever since. 

You can read more about Hamish's work here:


After completing Limbic Reflexology training with Hamish in April 2019, I completed 2 case studies, One on a client with Fibromyalgia and one on a client with PTSD. After being blown away with the results, I incorporate it in most of my reflexology sessions now.


Limbic Reflexology and Fibromyalgia

Case study testimonial

"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 4 years ago and have been having reflexology treatment by Theresa which has really helped with my pain, anxiety and general wellbeing.

Recently Theresa has treated me with 8 sessions of limbic reflexology, the improvement in my condition has been remarkable. I can now walk without difficulty and the pain in my back and hips has almost gone.

There have been really big improvement’s in my anxiety level’s, general wellbeing, sleep and fibro fog, I’ve attended social occasions and had no problems, life has become enjoyable again." 

Gail Byrne - Saddleworth

Limbic Reflexology and PTSD

Case study testimonial

"Following my son taking his own life 8 years ago I have found living life difficult. I have had anxiety and depression, sleep amounted to about 2 or 3 hours per night in total.

Since starting the Limbic reflexology with Theresa, I have become more energetic, I have rediscovered an interest in life and wanting to live life again to the full. I don't have to pretend anymore it's real!

I am significantly less anxious and depressed, and I am sleeping at least 5 hours per night before waking.

Theresa has enhanced my life so much through the Limbic reflexology I cannot thank her enough.

I am going to continue with the treatment as I don't ever want to slip back to how I was. Thankyou"

Karen - Failsworth