How to Book

To book a treatment with me




Telephone   07812 776256

My phone will be on Silent if I am working, so please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as i can. Thankyou.

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 8am until 6pm

Friday 8am until 4pm


Based in Middleton



One hour appointment slot - £40


First appointments will be a little longer, approx 75 minutes and include free consultation. All follow up appointments will last one hour.


Facial Reflexology

45 minutes - £40

If it is your first appointment with me it will last a little longer as it will include a consultation form.


Being on-time

If you arrive late for your appointment, please understand that I can only treat you for the amount of time left in your appointment slot, so as not to affect other clients. Thankyou for your understanding.


I accept Cash or Card (visa, mastercard, american express, vpay or maestro)


Cancellation Policy

Whilst I realise that emergencies do happen from time to time, I do reserve the right to charge for late cancellation.

If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, please give, ideally 48 hours notice, so that I have a chance to fill the slot.

Most importantly, give 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee of £20